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pfp is me! layout seen best on computer!

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here's the rundown! i update this page from time to time.  ☆DNI dont be a weirdo to me! im 16. that means no saying weird crap that would be disrespectful to me. no one over 19 on my page and no one under 13, and 13 y/os are in thin ice.  basic dni ofc. i highly encourage you to at least skim my blurbs, especially my about me and who id like to meet! ☆BYI i only stay friends with people who talk t... » Continue Reading

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marshie's hot takes #1

Category: Blogging

my opinion is the right one! argue with me in the comments >:D ☆ littering should be a more serious offense.  ☆ we should put more time and effort into ocean exploration to start putting more people in there! i KNOW there are sustainable ways to do it, capitalist f!ckfaces just act like every bad solution we already have is the only one because it's more profitable ☆ moral highground is the stupid... » Continue Reading

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(somewhat) weekly update #3

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hi everyone! i hope youve been doing well ^-^ sorry i wasnt l so active those few days... ive been focusing on myself and my relationship, and boy has it payed off! ive been developing healthier habits like eating more and ive been generally happier! this week was pretty ok, but it had its ups and downs. the highlights of my week were: - seeing my school chickens durimg animal science! - talking t... » Continue Reading

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