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spidersona wowow

Category: Art and Photography

okay so that’s him! thats my spidersona! still nameless okay ik I’m not good with names, he’s probably called something like “cyber-punk-spider”🔛🔝 His universe so is obviously cyberpunk but the way he becomes Spider-Man is a little complicated because: one of his friends parents is a scientist and him and his friends are aspiring to became scientist too, but also huge Spider-Man fans » Continue Reading

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Category: Books and Stories

My first blog entry after weeks will be a complain okay. This summer I wanted to read like 5 books a month but no I already know i won’t be able to do it because after finishing “the double” by Dostoevsky i decided to start the “green creek series” by tj klune.  I was so exited to start it because I’ve already read two others books written by him and I liked them a lot but what is this book!!! The... » Continue Reading

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musical and theatre

Category: School, College, University

Just saw the musical of my school, it was amazing o my good!! the teacher that does it is the same that does my theatre course, so i saw a lot of people that i know as well!! this made me want to start the musical too next year, we can do both the courses but it will probably be difficult to manage school and acting i dunno what to do!!!!!!! » Continue Reading

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I’m nice i swear

Category: Friends

A thing that I do here a lot that I don’t do on other socials is literally replying everywhere I can. You need i rec? I give you a rec You say good morning? I reply good morning  You just feel silly? I’ll feel silly with you » Continue Reading

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everyone is connected/ref

Category: SpaceHey

it’s kinda funny how most of my mutuals (can I use the term mutuals on spacehey to talk about the people in my friends list?) are friends too with at least one of the people in my friends list, because I usually find y’all in the list of others😭😭 » Continue Reading

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storm omg

Category: Life

I was returning home from school with my bike and it started raining like it never did!! Omg it looks like I showered with my clothes » Continue Reading

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the sun and the star (I can’t take this anymore)

Category: Books and Stories

I’ve finished reading this book like 40 minutes ago. I will never recover what was that wow it was sad but not sad it was funny but not funny I don’t know I think I’m gonna scream!! I gave it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 because I love will’s character development and the development of their relationship + Nico is just like me frfr and the fact that they talked without problems about his mental illness really made... » Continue Reading

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study (/neg)

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

I have a French test tomorrow but I don’t really have the motivation to study in reality I never have it!!! I just want to draw omg » Continue Reading

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