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Wage Labor & Capital(ism)

Category: Life

Below is the first in a series of summaries I've written of older texts that may be difficult to read or digest. I try to break everything down into simple language. Title: Wage, Labor and Capital Author: Karl Marx (economist & political theorist) Published: 1847 Description: An economic and scientific observation on how capitalist economy works, why it is exploitative, and ultimately why it will ... » Continue Reading

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Join others who miss the way the internet was in the 90s/00s and help make the web a better place!

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

At the end of February, I created a community for people who miss how the internet used to be, before Facebook/Twitter/Instagram took over and before Google search vastly decreased in quantity. I even wrote  a manifesto  about why we should care about the way the web is changing. The community exists on  Discord , which, if you aren't familiar with it, is basically the AIM/MSN alternative of 2021.... » Continue Reading

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Profile "Flair" Resources

Category: SpaceHey

Hey! A couple people have asked me where I've gotten the 'flair' on my profile such as the stamps, blinkies, glitter sparkles, etc so I figured I would compile a post! stamps: deviantart custom blinkies - create your own glitter graphics, blinkies, icons: glitter-graphics custom word art - text generator also, I cannot emphasize Tumblr enough!! here are some blogs that have cool stuff under the #w... » Continue Reading

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