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"⭐ Look at the stars, in the big black ink... 💫"

⭐ 21, Belgian, FR/ENG, any pronouns, Lesbian, Ace, Pangender :D ⭐

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Category: Life

Anyone  is allowed to follow me, unless you're anything problematic such as homophobic, racist, proship, ect.. :)  I don't really have a DNI on fandoms ¯\_(ツ ) _/¯ For the age , I don't have a restrictions , you decide if you're comfortable friending me or not :D I'm a therian and otherkin ! If you do not support it, please just block WITHOUT telling me, or ignore me. :) » Continue Reading

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Otherkin, Theriotype, ect !

Category: Life

If you don't know what Otherkins, Therians, fictionkins, ect are, please don't hesitate to look it up ! :D So !   Otherkin : I'm a forest   Dragonkin , Alienkin /   Starseed  / Spacekin ! Theriotype : Angora cat, bunny (the onez with the falling earz idk their name in English woopsie) Hate will be blocked !!!! » Continue Reading

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