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"Crying of fear"

Man idfk

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Everything Important!

Category: Blogging

DNI + Boundaries Secret Share + Draw Other Links + Stuff » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

A lot and I mean a LOT of my interests have absolutely dogshit creators so I would like to preface by saying please do not come for me for the interests I have that have problematic creators. Me enjoying something does not automatically mean I support the creator. Some of these interests are (but are not limited to): TribeTwelve, Harry Potter, Cry Of Fear, Some Creepypastas, Blood On The Dance Flo... » Continue Reading

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Haiiiii ^.^

Category: Blogging

Can more TribeTwelve and Cry Of Fear fans friend me please please please please please please Not the weird ones tho you know who you are. » Continue Reading

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Weeeee first entry! :3

Category: Blogging

Entry? Mf Marble Hornets reference. Anyways haiii we're gonna ignore the absolute mess I've made my profile as I can't code for shit DX Also if anyone can find cute Slenderverse blinkies (especially TribeTwelve ones and ESPECIALLY if they're about The Observer) can you please send them to me as I struggled so hard to find ones I wanted T^T » Continue Reading

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