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Day Seven on Spacehey

Category: SpaceHey

346 friends, 1600 prof views I wasn't on here all day and it kinda sucked cause I miss you guys a lot but I needed a day to decompress and it honestly helped. I really hope I'll be back here tomorrow. I got a lot of chores and homework done which is cool! Drew some stuff too, yippee. I truly hope you're all doing well. Love you guys /p That's all for today. See y'all tomorrow *heart hands emoji* » Continue Reading

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Day Six on Spacehey

Category: SpaceHey

338 friends 1500 prof views solid stats Not the best day. I said good morning, made a few bulletins, life got really rough, and i dipped out the rest of the day. I won’t be catching up on bulletins, but i’ll be better about replying tomorrow hopefully. Love you guys a lot. Thanks for all the kind words today, it was a bit of a roller coaster lolll But yeah, wasn’t on here enough today to write any... » Continue Reading

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Day Five on Spacehey

Category: SpaceHey

300 FRIENDS. 1300 PROF VIEWS. EEEEEEEEEE /POS TODAY WAS SUCH A GOOD SPACEHEY DAY!!! i made a lot of new friends, everyone was doing those silly which moot am i things and those were SO fun to answer. I did my silly mc block on and someone grabbed the idea and it made me SO HAPPY LIKE OMG!!! LOOK AT MY LITTLE INFLUENCE HEHEHEH I FINALLY POSTED MY ART TODAY AND HHBHSDBHSH EVERYONE LOVD IT I COULD NO... » Continue Reading

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Day Four on Spacehey

Category: SpaceHey

HIT 200 TODAY!! AND ALMOST AT 1000 PROF VIEW EEEE THNK U ALL!! I had a mildly unproductive day just cause,, its so hard to pull myself away from this website!!!!! i just wanna sit on it all day!!! also welcoming rusty to the best friends section of my general like on my prof LOL kisses ur forehead rusty I swear the about me blog is coming soon!! college is just driving me into the ground!!!!!! rah... » Continue Reading

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Day Three on Spacehey

Category: SpaceHey

i'm over 100 followers and literally in tears ;-; /pos i love u guys so much okay moving on everyone here is so devastatingly kind and has such interesting lives and posts? i spend so much time on here just getting caught up with everyone's lore its so fun it makes me really happy to see people liking my layout!!! i hope yall like the little tune too its my fav song atm!!! [ 2010 toyota corolla by... » Continue Reading

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Day Two on Spacehey

Category: SpaceHey

Friend count is up to 78 i think? Anyways, i’m having the time of my life!!! This feels like how the internet was always supposed to be. Just people making silly profiles and bulletin posts and interacting with each other without worries. At least, that’s how I’m doing it. It’s been genuinely so fun making bulletins throughout the day and getting feedback, people responding to my comment, etc its ... » Continue Reading

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Day One on Spacehey

Category: SpaceHey

Just created a profile! This website is already so cute. i think i made a detailed enough profile? anyways, don't be afraid to msg me if you see this! looking for new people to chat with :3 gonna do a bit more exploring before focusing on class word X3!! that's all!! » Continue Reading

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