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My Ex BF

Category: Romance and Relationships

Soooo, yk the bf i was ranting abtt? yeah we broke up tbh i just told him were breaking up and blocked him but oh well. Oh and btw i changed my name bc cami is boring and my name is Yasmin now Mwahh  XOXO, Yas 💋 » Continue Reading

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my bf is kinda ...

Category: Romance and Relationships

So like basically, he barely fucking texts me like wtf and when i text him he never replies or opens it 😭 and maybe thats normal of some shit but im ised to people actually loving on me n shi. LIKE BE CLINGY AND TALK TO ME 😭😭😭😭 makes me wanna cry frfr, and i need advice what should i doooooo 😓 XOXO, Cami 💋 » Continue Reading

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