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Roman "Demagogues" and the Failure of Roman Institutions

Category: News and Politics

Previous Entry: Tiberius Gracchus had died in 133 BC, but his actions kicked off a wave of populist politics in the Republic. The Senate had not addressed the core issues that Tiberius Gracchus shed light on; the urban poor were still increasing. This allowed other reformers to attempt to fill the Gracchan shoe. First to step into the legacy of Tiberius Gr... » Continue Reading

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Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus and the Decay of the Republic

Category: News and Politics

During the course of the 3rd to 2nd centuries BC, the Roman Republic rapidly expanded its territory across the entire Italian peninsula and into far off lands such as Spain and Greece. Particularly in Italy, the conquests involved the seizure of a lot of farmland that could not be implemented into the Roman colonial system in a timely manner, so a lot of it simply became public land for anyone to ... » Continue Reading

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