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i hate when people assume

Category: Blogging

i'm quiet and uninterested for talking when in reality i'm really friendly person and i'm desperate for friends like cmon... can't you see i'm DESPERATE and also they think i don't wanna go out when i WANT to go out, literally everytime my one irl bestie asks me out i always accept the offer bcs noone asks me out and only she does it... but i'm grateful that i atleast have her » Continue Reading

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calling all balkan friends

Category: Friends

we need a group ASAP maybe i'll make a discord server or something else but PLEASE!!! answer me, this is an appeal, we need to be united!!! » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey


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eyeliner update + my new eye look

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

second update ab my eyeliner skills: today i bought an eyeliner from oriflame and tried it out first off these pics shows how i fucked up my eyeliner because i followed some random tutorial on youtube to do it: then i did my tehnique as i did in my previous post, i just let one line from the outer end of my eye and it turned out like this: and then i star... » Continue Reading

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ozbiljne teme

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

ozbiljne teme /barely serious is the best serbian youtuber (imo ofc)  i watch mario vrećo and others too but idk for me temet has the highest quality content check him out also check mario vrećo out too » Continue Reading

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i learned how to do eyeliner!!!!!

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

it's much better than the previous attempt.... look at the previous attempt here!!! these pics are taken as of right now since i have to prepare to go to concert » Continue Reading

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opinion about ariana grande | mention of her song "yes and?"

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

ik my opinion doesen't matter but every youtuber does this thing when they comment on actual happenings in pop culture so idfc  ariana grande has released a new song "yes, and?" and released 92733792 fucking videos about the song like that song is sooooo good (it literally sounds mid but alright) anyways, in that song she answers to some people that found out that she broke up with her previous pa... » Continue Reading

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painful love

Category: Writing and Poetry

we're not even together not to make this forever ever ever ever ever i got this some fever fever of the love he made me so sick to the point of dying you could've guess it it was that kinda love where i'm just foolish and he is cold it is so fucking painful it is so fucking painful mother says i'm stupid father says i'm wrong but the arrow of cupid bleeds and hurts so i gotta stop running my frien... » Continue Reading

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pedophiles on youtube

Category: Writing and Poetry

all the pedophiles in the town i don't know who's gonna get the crown blue eyes, white teeth, hair is brown and finally we started counting down youtube is the name of this town the worst people in it gonna get the crown your head now has to spin around guess who's exposed, who's been found we're not gonna listen to apologies cause everyone knows the chronology apologies all seem too dry all they ... » Continue Reading

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te čudne noći / those weird nights

Category: Writing and Poetry

te čudne noći će proći kada više voleti neću moći ti si jedna ljubav bio u snu pamtila sam te svaku noć provedemo zajedno bez briga i bez muka imali smo to nešto što se nije viđalo često kad mislim o tebi ti javiš se zvoniš mi na vrata a ja te pustim u stan misleći: "ostaćemo zauvek" a ja te grlim misleći: "volećemo zauvek" a ja te ljubim misleći: "zauvek" zauvek zauvek zauvek... lažne nade bile s... » Continue Reading

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Development of cultural and artistic life in Serbia in the first half of the 20th century

Category: School, College, University

This essay is written for music class and i tried to translate it, so if you see any mistakes just correct me please, and correct me if any facts aren't true in this essay In the first half of the 20th century, Serbia went through a dynamic period of cultural and artistic development that was marked by significant personalities and changes in various artistic disciplines. The arts were mainly pain... » Continue Reading

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