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Category: Blogging

HEllo!! Hi PArtyy people  I am doing ok!! I think!! I need anxiety medication, does anybody know howto talk to a doctor with out a family member being passive aggresive about it??? thank you!!!!! Im turning 18 tommorow, do u guys also know what freedoms i would have????.. Cus I do not know that either, so if ur 18 or 19 pls do tell!!!! like please!!!!!!!! » Continue Reading

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When you are Mute. [December 12th]

Category: Blogging

Hey guys, I took a break Sunday to focus on myself a bit, as I had cleaned my room and relaxed. Yesterday mostly consisted of positive vibes and healing though. :) I had those hard conversations with my partner, and we talked things through, and I cleaned my space to invite more good vibes. It is a Monday, so my brain is hazy and there is not much to talk about, just know there are some changes to... » Continue Reading

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When you are Mute. [December 10th]

Category: Blogging

December 10th, 2022. Content Warning: Falls in line with some Depressive Ideologies.                  ☆.。.†:*・゜☆.。†.:*・゜☆. Based on the title, I can’t say that I am mute. I know, clickbait, but I can’t say I don’t want to be.  I have been gnawing on the idea for awhile, I feel a lot more happy when I don’t talk, because then when I do, people pay more attention to the words I actually want to say.... » Continue Reading

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The Perspective of a Dead Jellyfish. [December 9th]

Category: Blogging

December 9th, 2022. ☆.。.†:*・゜☆.。†.:*・゜☆. I would like to take the time and start this post in honor of somebody named Asher. Now, I am new to this site, I have never talked to Asher before nor have I known him. But early this morning I had received the news he had passed away at just 14.  I do not know the causes, but I want this post to serve as a reminder for everybody that life and the time you... » Continue Reading

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The Perspective of a Dead Jellyfish. [December 8th]

Category: Blogging

[December 8th, 2022] ☆.。.†:*・゜☆.。†.:*・゜☆. Good morning! As the clouds roll out of their sleep, and the sun rubs its tired eyes, I’d like to take a moment and try to remind everyone of their affirmations. Affirmations are far more than what meets the eye, as some days may be harder than others to be able to recollect what your graces are. Some days, you can be grateful for a myriad of things, other... » Continue Reading

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The Perspective of a Dead Jellyfish. [December 7th]

Category: Life

Today is December 7th, 2022. ☆.。.†:*・゜☆.。†.:*・゜☆. Hello, world.  I just recently created an account to this site and I have no idea what I am doing, quite honestly.  I want to start making my blogs on here consistent, and decorate my page! It would be nice to have it personalized to my taste.  As of now, I have no knowledge on coding, nor do I have an idea on what I want to do with my life. My blo... » Continue Reading

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