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I’m going see Green Day at Aug 1 in Toronto!!

Category: Music

I’m going to go see Green Day!!! This is going to be my first concert so this is probably going to be super cool!! I’m pretty sure the Smashing Pumpkins are opening but I’ve never listened to their music so… But, we have seats close to the stage, but I’m probably going to sneak into the pit just to be closer to Billie 😻😻 I also might see Limp Bizkit if we go a bit early to Canada because they’re a... » Continue Reading

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School blog #2 Skipping class

Category: School, College, University

My friend "Veronica" skipped class today. So basically she really didn't want to go to Spanish, because it is filled with some really annoying kids. Because that was her class after lunch, we were talking, and she told me about how she was going to skip. So when I was in ELA, I had my discord open and we were talking about it. So she was in the library's bathroom, which nobody ever uses. So she wa... » Continue Reading

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School blog (more of a rant tbh) #1

Category: School, College, University

My mom is tired of hearing me rant about random shit to her, so ill just talk about my school day here. :3  ELA was super mid today, but I was able to vent to my teacher about a kid ill call Bored Ape because thats what hes built like. He has been harassing my friend group since the start of the school year, even though he is a grade behind us. Basically, one of my friends, "Sally" also a grade be... » Continue Reading

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Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Im getting 2 MCR figures!! Im getting a Mikey Way figure from 2004 or 2005 (i dunno) but its one of the ones that cost wayy too much!! Im getting it for about 138 bucks (including shipping) which is a GREAT deal compared to some of the others which cost like 400 bucks?? Like aint no way im paying that 😭😭 And it was the last one in stock too >:) Im also getting a more Party Poison figure for 20 buc... » Continue Reading

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E.L.F x Liquid Death Corpse Paint??

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

wtf?? Never did I think that ELF would be doing anything like that bro 💀💀 Like yesterday I watched the commercial on YouTube and a little bit of me died inside. I mean I know it was supposed to be unserious and funny but like dawg 💀💀 My reaction was probably so foul because it was like 2 am but still 💀 There was a part were it talking about being like your “favorite celebs” yeah buddy your favorit... » Continue Reading

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