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hello, world! (remake)

Category: Blogging

haha hi! haven't been on this account for a little less than a month, sorry! here's a remake of my introduction blog :) i plan to blog more every now and then lol my name is ghoti! it's pronounced fish :) gh from enough sounds like f, o from women sounds like i, and ti from nation sounds like sh! i think it's pretty funny and cute haha i'm nonbinary and i like girls, but i'm single :( wishing for ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

good afternoon, world!  i'm watching total drama all-stars rn, and GODS do i hate it!!  the whole mike-mal-personalities thing is so shitty!!!!!!! mpd is SO outdated, theyre not even personalities!!! like i guess i get it cos all stars was made in like 2012... but gods, do i hate it! but i wanna finish the entire show,  so i gotta get through this hell hole :( im at episode 13, i bet zoey's gonna ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

good afternoon, world! i'm currently watching a lifesteal marathon video :) today i went to classes and they were soo boring... i have to take semester exams this year because i missed 4 days! but at first they said it was 3 days? it's so confusing!!! so now i have to take 3 exams next wednesday and 4 exams next thursday :( i'm sooo gonna flunk my science exam, that's my lowest class! somehow i ha... » Continue Reading

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