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"im like 98% sure i run a johnny depp cult on here"

15, he/him, gay, polyam, socially akward, idiot

Mood: forever grateful and upset i wasnt alive in the late 1700's

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my accounts

Category: SpaceHey

personal account   (only add if we actually talk) pirate account layout tester account » Continue Reading

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some things to know about me and my account

Category: Life

1. i'm not a judgy person whatsoever  2. i can't take compliments of any sort. they make me awkward and make me feel bad 3. i know what is and is not a joke, however, (and especially under certain things) sexual jokes/comments can make me extremely uncomfortable, im sorry [big especially under things having to do with mark saying hes hot ect.] 4. i won't start a conversation. i can't. if you want ... » Continue Reading

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important pt.2

Category: SpaceHey

(I made this a bulletin but I'm making it an entry as well) i try to make this space as welcoming and stress-free as i possibly can. if you feel unwelcomed or anything on my profile please let me know. this is a safe space for absolutely everyone unless you're a genuine asshole, i want to make that very clear. this is a place to be dumb and worry about fake chocolate factory problems and leave the... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

if things are like really really bad, get professional help. let's be honest, we are all kids here. kids with our individual problems. kids who cant always help each other no matter how much we wish we could. we are not qualified to give professional advice and even then we still need to worry about ourselves as well. ask to vent. use trigger warnings. don't get mad when someone says no though, yo... » Continue Reading

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someone said this and now its stuck in my head (waltzing)

Category: Writing and Poetry

"imagine a moment where you purposely step on their foot but they only smirk and pull you closer." -JC » Continue Reading

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