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Armored Core 6: Some of my funny guys

Category: Games

Back from the dead just to shill this game and post my funny robots TLDR on my thoughts about the game itself: incredible & worth the long wait. As a fan of Armored Core I am incredibly happy. Also, I am obsessed with this games photo mode. Anyways here's some of my funny guys, all inspired by other mecha IPs I like. HAWS-MG (Baldr Bullet) Arbalest (Full Metal Panic!) Type-97 Fubuki (Muv Luv) Take... » Continue Reading

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A Week In Review Of Sorts... (5/29-6/4)

Category: Blogging

I'm not sure if this is something that will be a regular thing on here honestly, some topics could probably be blogs on their own but I figured this was a week that was interesting enough to write about and do something different. I don't really have any structure planned for this so I will just write and hope for the best. Before I begin, I will note one thing and this applies to pretty much all ... » Continue Reading

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r u serious rn bro?

Category: Life

these " spaceheyers " are really trying to add me with loli and pedophilia listed in their interests. Disgusting wretched virtual fetishism. YOU WILL LOSE THE BATTLE OF LIFE. IT IS SO OVER FOR YOU. Think u can just repent? repent to my barrel. Sorry, I'm merely just the messenger here! EDIT: idk why this blog has nearly a hundred kudos, feels weird and also bad that me complaining about this is th... » Continue Reading

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a long way from texas,,,

Category: Life

severed connections. the /world/ back home is a dangerous place. u wouldn't survive in my shoes . . . .  think otherwise? go ahead, jump in. » Continue Reading

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