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On Elef, Misia and the Tragedy of Moira; or, Defending Blorbo From My Concept Albums

Category: Music

(Content warnings: Mentions of incest, grooming, abuse, slavery, sexual assault) So this is sort of a remake of a post I made numerous years ago, although I'm not sure anyone read it back then. The way the Sound Horizon fandom seems to broadly characterize Elef and Misia's relationship has bothered me for quite some time, especially since the release of Nein —people have always shipped the pair ro... » Continue Reading

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Creative Log: 12/23/22 (+Some Announcements)

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

Hello! It’s been, uh…a little while since I’ve done an update, huh? ;; I actually had one planned earlier this month, but I decided to put it off, and…well, considering almost a month has somehow passed, I think this is long overdue. If you follow my Twitter and have paid enough attention to my posts, you probably already know much of what I have to say here—but, even still, I have an announcement... » Continue Reading

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Creative Log: 11/29/22

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

It's been over a week now, so I think it's time for another creative log! In the sort of bad news, I suppose, is...unfortunately, I did let myself become a bit distracted, and there's almost no way I'll have the String of Stardust update fully reedited by the end of November. :( Some life stuff has happened, granted—but admittedly, not enough to really justify the delay. I've let myself become dis... » Continue Reading

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String of Stardust Cover Evolution

Category: Art and Photography

Earlier I was looking through my old Twitter archives, and noticed something a bit surprising: there were two String of Stardust: Volume One covers I made ages ago that I entirely forgot about, in addition to those I remember... I always find it so fascinating to look at my progress over the years: during my teenage years my art was largely rather stagnant, yet inconsistent; once I hit my 20s, it ... » Continue Reading

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Creative Log: 11/19/22

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

Since I perpetually have a thousand projects going at once, I'd like to start keeping a log on my progress, and maybe even perhaps sharing what I've done recently! I tend to feel self conscious with such things, because I'm horrid with deadlines and get distracted frightfully easily —but, maybe that's why I need such a thing... The biggest project is my update of String of Stardust: Volume One, wh... » Continue Reading

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Soliloquy for a Dumb Bird

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

I've known of this website for some time, although what has truly pushed me to join has been the budding mass exodus of people from Twitter, and I certainly have...a lot of feelings about this. It's true, Twitter isn't a very good website in innumerable ways, and it's given me a fair share of hardships—it's also where I've met nearly all my friends, my longest-lasting and deepest friendships just ... » Continue Reading

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