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"who's snodat?" "what's going on?"

Category: SpaceHey

Snodat is a user on Spacehey who's most known for making NSFW accounts of a character known as osaka (i think??) And has been hacking people recently, making their accounts get deleted. So PLEASE. If you see any NSFW or Gore accounts w/ links: DON'T CLICK ON THE LINK!!!! this is how he would get your spacehey information. I don't know how to explain it more, but this bulletin explains it more. htt... » Continue Reading

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HOW TO BLOCK "COOL NEW PEOPLE" !!! (a visual guide)

Category: SpaceHey

sadly I only know how to do it on computer for now.. First step is really easy!! First you go to your web browser/search bar and search "Ublock Origin" the thing you'll want to go to looks like this!!  Next you'll want to click where it says "Get Ublock Origin", and that button would look like this!   After that it'll take you to the chrome google store, where there should be a button that says "A... » Continue Reading

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