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"wasting time on my silly little laptop"

20, UK, i draw [see my blog entires :3]

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ben schwartz and his blue guys [rottmnt+sonic fanart]

Category: Art and Photography

bc ive been so normal abt rottmnt lately lol cant add music link since im in class rn but if know the song is through the fire and the flames by dragonforce » Continue Reading

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**drawn partial nudity warning** fucking around in procreate

Category: Art and Photography

guess the procreate hype is justified, it's p cool :P side note watching jennifers body is just an hour and a half of wanting » Continue Reading

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fairly recent homestuck drawings

Category: Art and Photography

reuploads from an old tumblr acct i deleted not so long ago.......... total nightmare colouring in an entire page with just biro rip » Continue Reading

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orz <- me after nearly ruining the first drawing w/ all the gd blue highlighter

Category: Art and Photography

i figured this would be a cool place to post my art :P crossposted from my tumblr since it seemed like » Continue Reading

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