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embarrassing moment, BOOOO

Ok so simething embarrassing just happened to me in the washroom and i find it so embarrassing that i dont even wanna recount it to my friends (besides hannah) so im gonna write it. So i went into the washroom during first period and saw some girls i know in there so we started kinda chatting for a minute and i didnt really feel like going back to class right away so i was like oo can i sit for a sec and one of the girls was like ya sure. anyway literally 20 seconds later they were all like oh ive been out of class for 40 minutes i should probaly go back and ya they did. ok its not thattt embarrassing but still. i was just like damn do i just repel people like that? probably not. im for sure just overthinking. And you know what? writing this here actually helped me realize its not that deep. so yay 

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