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Film Photography-Mountains and Desert

Did some film photography over the summer as I visited some places, really happy with how all the photos came out! 


These were taken in June in the French Alps. In one of my other photography blogs I have some photos of the same locations but from last year and taken on a digital camera, I definitely prefer these photos from last years! Some of these are absolutely some of the favourite photos I've ever taken



These were taken in July when I went out to see my family in LA, it was a really cool experience as it was my first time flying alone (its like a 14 hour flight too 💀) and I rarely get to see my aunt and uncle because they live so far away. I got to go out to the desert just outside the city-probably an hour out (LA traffic included) and the place I went to in the desert was about a half hour away from where they filmed stuff for MCR's Danger Days! 

I really like the juxtaposition of these two shoots, even though its unintentional lol. Anyway, I hope to do more film shoots in the future-got a few plans already. I also have some digital photography to upload, which I'll probably compile into one blog post. I want to also have a new photography blog post each month where I highlight some of my favourite photos from that month! I'll proabaly start on that idea for this month and compile the last few months into one post. 

(Shot on a Holga 120 CFN)

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This is some cool shit.

I really need to start using my camera again.

Keep it coming!

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Thank you!! And yeah its so nice to just bring a camera around wherever you go, means you're always prepared to take a photo if theres anything cool 💪💪

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wow the alps make me cry they are so beautiful. the film really keeps depth in a way digital cameras dont. that is so cool!!

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Same, genuinely my favourite place ever 🙏🙏
And yeah definitely! Plus the colours are always so pretty on film

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f3ral_gh0st X__x

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i love the effects/filters you've used [idk technical terms lol]

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Thank you!!! And actually all the photos are unedited! Film just sometimes does cool stuff 💪💪

by In_Reverie; ; Report

wait rly? omg thats so awesome..

by f3ral_gh0st X__x; ; Report


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WHATTTTTTTT these are so CCOOLLL I love them!!!!!! :Dddd

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Thank you!!!

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