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16 personalities

i was pretty lost until i thought of a neat writing project for myself. ill take the 16 personalities test and ill go down the list answering the questions and giving thorough thoughts and details on my answers with examples from my life on why i believe the answers to be true about myself. who knows maybe ill discover something new about myself. im pretty tired right now so ill answer only a few of them for now.

"you regularly make new friends" disagree 3

im pretty picky with the people i become friends with. im not counting people that are friends only because of forced proximity (ex. coworkers, school mates, strangers at a party) those are more like acquaintances

ACTUALLY i change my mind because i thought about it and coworkers and school mates are friends. Not to mention people you meet at a party can be your friend even if only for the night. i think i was just being picky with who i considered my friend because the friends that i had in mind mean so much to me and those feelings  dont extend to everyone i consider a friend, some of them are just well, normal friends? i think you understand what im trying to say. im very proud of the people i call MY friends. not in a possessive way but in the sense that i forged these relationships without anyone else acting as a social buffer. 

anyways back to the question. yeah i do not make new friends regularly. WAIT or do i?? would you count people youve met online in video games but dont really play together unless youre looking to fill a party? no no no im trippin nvm 

  1. 1.
    a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.
    "she's a friend of mine"

okay okay so i think im pretty confident with the answer that i do NOT make friends regularly especially since ive basically been in the house for nearly the whole past 4 months (ugh i know im turning into a neet) 

its starting to get a little ... idk how to explain but i wish i had more social interaction with new people. it can be fun talking to new people.

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