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1. The mouse Sry locus harbors a cryptic exon that is essential for male sex determination, Shingo Miyawaki, Shunsuke Kuroki, Ryo Maeda, Naoki Okashita, Peter Koopman, Makoto Tachibana, 2020.

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4. Assessment of the efficacy of α-lipoic acid in treatment of diabetes mellitus patients with erectile dysfunction: A protocol for systematic review and meta-analysis, Jiawei Cai, Junmin Chen, Qianqian Zeng, Jie Liu, Yanli Zhang, Haiping Cheng, Shasha Yao, Qiu Chen, 2020.

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10. The effects of alpha-lipoic acid on nitric oxide synthase dispersion in penile function in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats, C Hurdag , H Ozkara, S Citci, I Uyaner, C Demirci, 2005.

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