shadow of a stallion at the riverbank

i went to the riverbank expecting it to be dry, it always was this time of year, demoted down to a measly stream. i thought i saw you, it couldn't be you but i knew i just did. the shadow enveloped between two trees nickered and i stepped closer. it followed my every move and when i stepped nearer to the bank understood that to be beaconing. 

i kicked off my shoes and waded in cold licking up my ankles until it lapped at my knees. i looked up at the clearest sky. sometimes it scares me when its that clear. i heard noise from behind me and turned to see what commotion it was, the river rippled in chaotic asynchronous oscillations. it was only you. it was you. it was you and you were floating on your back looking like a corpse. looking at the sky. like you always do. a deadweight floating. i almost stepped closer but i knew that a bank of a river was the comforting siren call into deeper waters. i backed away from the depths no matter how much i wanted to see you, to go to you

i devoutly turned around, and made it to the shore orpheus never could. i shook what i could dry and i put on my shoes. when i was leaving i noticed that the mud closest to wear you were out floating, was all water lapped smooth save for hoof prints trampling into the water. 

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