Dream I had about a game

So I had a dream about this game idea that doesn't exist and it honestly doesn't sound that bad, so figured I'd make a post about it. The game was where you're on a boat with a couple other crewmates, and you're on a journey to get from one island to somewhere further away (dunno exactly where though, just remembered that was the goal), and it's sort of a rougelike and RTS game where you have to move from tile to tile, and have random encounters where you can either have events that can get you items or get you in trouble, or get into ship combat with other enemies (likely pirates), sort of like the game FTL, with your crew piloting certain areas (i.e. controlling the ship, manning the cannons, etc. etc.) The game is REALLY hard too so you're lucky to make it to the end, with the enemies being super tough later and being starved for resources like food and water. Though one part I clearly remember is an event where you board onto an island, but it's super hostile and full of pirates, so you can either run (which is dangerous and unlikely to succeed) or leave your ship and fight ON the island, eventually making your way to the leader and taking them down if you're strong enough, with it being another way to win the game, not just making it to the end.

Kind of long and ramble-y, just thought it was a neat idea. :3

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