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spotify wrapped

spotify wrapped day was a few days ago !!!!! :o my top genres were rock, alt metal, pov:indie (whatever that means), punk, and pop. i really didnt think i listened to enough pop to get it up that high but whatever. 

ive been so obsessed with Rise Against lately which is why it doesn't surprise me that Tragedy + Time was my most listened to song this last year (92 streams !!!) and that Rise Against was my top artist (12, 289 minutes). actually all of my top 5 songs were Rise Against too sooo... (;-w-)

  1. tragedy + time 
  2. i dont want to be here anymore
  3. prayer of the refugee
  4. re education (through labor), and
  5. architects

i can listen to a song a million times in a row and not get tired of it. which, like idk if thats my ADHD or if im just crazy... but either way its cool :P

the rest of my stats...

  • total minutes: 60,243
  • sound town: pittsburg, USA (?)
  • top artists: rise against, rage against the machine, green day, the clash, and the smashing pumpkins !!

and remember, the moral implications of using spotify dont apply to me because i use a spotify jailbroken APK so i dont give them any money :PP

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