a brief introduction of myself


Hey my name is Jason Madlock, you could call me either Jason or Madlock i don't mind! I also go by he/him pronouns btw. As of now, 12/4/23, i'm 15 years old.


I like drawing in my sketchbook with pencil, painting, digital art, and using pens! I love writing my own stories and making those funny art tik toks! 


I'm currently trying to start a band, It's me on vocals and guitar, my best friend on drums, and my other good friend on lead guitar! I'm just kinda looking for a bass player. 

I love the beach and the meadows, not forests but places with trees and plenty of open space and grass. I think its very pretty and I love warm weather like weather that is not too hot and not too cold. 

I currently have a girlfriend! we were going through like some hardships but we're okay now it's all good. were long distance so if you have tips for long distance partners help me out ;-; she's a rocker metal lover and that's what I love about her, she is perfect in every way <3

I'm a pretty shy person once you first meet me like I don't talk much but once I get to know you I don't stop talking 😭 I'm a super friendly person and I vibe with everyone, and I love making new friends and meeting new people! 

my favorite color is a foggy jean blue and I love skulls as well stars.

My dream career is to someday be a rockstar and be a well known musician globally. 


I mostly listen to glam rock and classical rock. Metal is another favorite and I also love the 80's! I sometimes wish I was born in the 80's :( I like punk, 90's grunge, and 70's. I used to be into musicals a lot and sometimes I do go back to listen to a few songs, but not really. Sometimes I'll listen to indie, it reminds me of being a kid sometimes, kinda like classical music. 

If anyone wants music suggestions I would be happy to give some out! yeah I think that's all about me for the most part. :)

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Hi Jason

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hello :)

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