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DNI/BYI !!!!!!!!!!!

DNI; (i copied most of this from one of my moots SORY JUDAS IM LAZY I CAN TAKE IT DOWN IF U WANT)

- Zionist or support Israel 

- very into internet discourse (especially lgbtq and system discourse)

- Proship/compship/l0licon

- country human fans/nazis

- right wing/capitalist

- terf/radfem

-antisemitic or antimuslim


- pro-ed or heavily involved in edtwt 

- true crime fans who romanticize killers 

- anti self diagnosis

- believe in narcissistic abuse or anything of that sort 

- Dsmp, Alfred’s playhouse, yandere sim fans 

- older than 20 (if I end up accepting ur request don’t be weird)

- heavily religious 2 the point where you force ur religion onto others 

- transmed/truscum

- homophobic/transphobic or transexclusionary


I post a lot of NSFW (tagged of course) if you don't want NSFW on your bulletins just unfriend me man

i like garfield

ima homohomo fago

i say slurs i can reclaim

i am TAKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jon arbuckles is sexy

i say mean things for /j and are never directed or /srs

i make nsfw jokes on the constant (so just im me to stop if your upset i dont bite bro)

im an otherkin so sometimes im a lil inhuman/hj

i cannot tell when someone is upset, dont expect me too know if your venting

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I’m sorry I used to a yandere simulator fan I’ve repented

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Get outta here💯💯💯

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Please no,

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what does "very into internet discourse" means tho?

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arguing online for funsies

by Argbuggle; ; Report

Ooooh I see, yeah it kind of sucks. I definetely do it sometimes but only when the fruit is hanging too low (annoying ppl getting way too irritaded over nothing) and only in Twitter, I would never do this here tho, I actually care about this site and shit.

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