Please respect any Head cannons and such I give Postal Dude! If you're being rude in private I don't mind but commenting on my profile or any bulletin I make hating on it will result in a block, and If I do block you please don't make such a big deal about it, It was your decision to publicly hate. 

Hey there, If it wasn't obvious this is a Postal Dude Roleplay account that will have some of my own headcannons and such

How this Account will work: 

  • Basically this account will most likely be very random and I will post random things from now and then relating to Postal Dude or interactions with other Postal and non-postal roleplay accounts! This roleplay account takes place before the dlc Paradise Lost 


  • Please Do not Sexulize or Fetishize this roleplay account as I am a minor and get disturbed with those types of things 
  • Don't Harass me if I do something out of character or say/do something that the character would never do
  • Don't be weird please


  • Please be nice, being rude is allowed BUT to an extent!
  • You can talk about other Postal Games and such!! Also IM are allowed :D



  • P2 dude is shorter then P1 dude
  • P2 dude has nicknames for each Postal Dude
        Postal 1 Dude - Grandpa, Old Man, Schizophrenic, Brownie Lover

        Redux Dude - schizophrenic part 2

        Postal 3 Dude - Dog stealer, Drag-Queen, S3x-shop worker

        Postal BD Dude - Butt-tocks Galore, Mr.Booty bum cheeks, Sissy

        Alt Dude - Emo

        Movie Dude - Goody-Good two shoes, Woman Chaser

        Postal 4 Dude - Old Hag

        Corkscrew - No weewee haver

  • P2 dude sees Corkscrew like a sibling
  • P2 dude is mainly rude but cares deeply about people
  • P2 dude has a soft spot for birds

That's all for now! :D

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