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Everyone pray for me

Im hella sick and its exam week. I have to wear a mask at school and its fogging up my glasses. Its so bad i cant even see, my throut hurts so bad and my nose is all clogged. Im so sleepy, i couldnt get any sleep last night, i only got 3 hours. I was on XD. anyways i have my spanish exam today and im so scared, spanish is my worst class (i have a B) I feel like my lowest grade is gonna be spanish or algebra. Im good on History, english and biology. Im usally good at math but i dont think i cant remeber all the formulas. Its scary, i do good in class so i dont know why im worring. it cant be just me. anyways, im gonna do something about it instead of worring. Time to study (im gonna die)

Bye bye!-LuckySheep91


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