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petz because I'm a nerd + rambling about a dog

I GOT STRIPE A FRIEND (because I'm too busy to open the game daily and I feel bad about fake dogs getting lonely)

his name is Oscar (because I'm unoriginal and look at him, that's an Oscar) and he's a silly little dude. Stripe and him are reluctant best friends who do everything together besides eat (they literally won't eat if they're together its annoying) and learn tricks since they're too busy screaming at each other to pay attention. I completely forgot how much I adore this game, I don't care if all I can do is take care of them and take photos, apparently that's enough for me. I got Oscar partially because if they have puppies then there's a good chance they'll look like my slimes dog Tilly, and she's my little old lady I love her! She's a little cattle dog x jack russel x fox terrier and she's basically an old woman and a toddler at the same time. I swear that dog knows English, because she's a monster but if you explain to her like she's a 4 year old she responds accordingly! We had her over at my house one night when they got locked out, and every time she heard a sound she'd bark until we sat with her and held her and explained that the sounds were the landlords and we had to be polite since she didn't live there. When we move in together for uni if we get a place that allows pets we're stealing her >:) She's got kidney failure and wasn't meant to live past the next few months, but she still made it to her 7th birthday and at this point she's probably going to make it to her 8th out of pure spite. 

Anyway take this dump of photos from the game, I'm in love with 2 pixelated dogs from 1999 and I will not apologize for being annoying about it.

look at him he pulls that face all the time,, why so suspicious??

legs like a seal


Stripe and Oscar appreciation is mandatory sorry I don't make the rules

Bonus picture: Tillydog!!

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