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tw/ transphobia

for the longest time ive been on this website i have seen and witnessed COUNTLESS OF TRANSPHOBIA OR TRANSPHOBIC PEOPLE who think they can get away with the shit they do because there online. idc if its joke or there trans as well, its the fact you dont think about what u say can affect other people... u dont think about people at all and it pisses me off.

today i encountered this personbitch

this person has already been in hot water before for justifying abuse and calling the victim a "brat"

the post the made (there old acc) -

but after me an that person got into it in there comments a friend of mine gave me information about other accounts being digusting and spreading transphobia. IF U FOLLOW THESE PEOPLE U ARE ALSO THE PROBLEM 


idc if u say "oh, well i just accept to accept on my friends i dont pay attention" that makes u just as bad and just a carless? fuck u bugjuice 

heres the account at a whole


there are so many accounts with the same base and black pfp with this shit on there account. there making new account almost everyday. and the people who saw this, i am so sorry. u joined space hey to feel like yourself  and express yourself not trying to fight to be yourself and justify why your u. 

space hey doesn't really care tbh and it pisses me off as well, my friend emailed them and lost all hope of trying (tysm for sharing that information with me btw) bitchtoday has just been back to back transphobia and im tired of it. im tired of seeing these people here and ruin what makes people happy and spread there bullshit.

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that bugjuice guy is a whole ass 16 yr old who has tried to romance my girlfriend with a three year difference like 3 different times already

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by AdultSwim; ; Report


by AdultSwim; ; Report

i have ss somewhere im trying to find of what happened

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ROFL god y'all are so cringe it's not even funny x.x "Tranny" isn't a fucking slur and good luck getting SpaceHey to respond and apologize to your entitled ass LOL

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HELP?! your like showing a example for what im saying rn

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omg ty 4 awareness
its been so common like recently
I've seen sm transphobia and homophobic blog posts like wtf

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thank youuu for spreading awareness <3
(also commenting to boost cause this needs to be seen)

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Damn this is horrible, thanks for spreading information

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