A Musing on the Subject of Gender

There are those who might identify as nonbinary or transgender that either dealing with hormonal incongruity, a prenatal endocrine disorder, and/or are chimeric twins. Sometimes a person absorbs a twin within the womb, and is born with both people's DNA intact. Sometimes, due often to environmental factors, one hormone becomes dominant over the other after birth, and a person "switches" genders. In this world with all of the pollution from microplastics, which leech phytoestrogens upon breakdown, it's a near improbability that as we advance further into the 21st century that we wouldn't see more cases of this cropping up. Sadly, this is an issue in relation to developing proper interpersonal skills, and it does have the propensity to affect a person's sexuality. Personally, I went through a "questioning" phase before discovering transgenderism. The issue is simple: if you aren't already dealing with an intersex issue, then the probability of improvement mentally after administration of HRT and losing weight will be much less. The saddest part is the reason why transgender people have been ostracized; which is partly due to lack of understanding of oneself both from a scientific standpoint as well as being accepting enough of oneself to deny the ego and manage swapping between masc to fem, or vice versa, and the fact that the faith structure many people grew up in is based on the antiquated theory of male dominance and attributing works of hate and violence to the will of the divine good, which is imo the greatest offense perpetuated by humankind that must stop if society is to become more than we are. With that, cheers from the States! Y'all stay safe, huh? 

E.P He's I, A.N.S.

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