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Vesper's intro !!

Hiii! I'm Vesper! Though close friends can call me Mothy if they like! 

I'm an agender gay guy and use He/Xey/Ve pronouns!! 

I'm currently 15 (though will be 16 in 2 months) and autistic! (Though I might have adhd)

Irish + German but I live in North America 

Gemini and INFP!  

Self-taught artist !!


 - My spinterests at the moment are Casper's Scare School, Warrior Cats, Coraline,  moths, and vampires! 

 - My hyperfixation atm is Corpse Bride !!! 

 - Spacehey is not my only social. I also have Discord, Tiktok, Insta, and twt! Just know that I'm more active on Discord and Tiktok than on Spacehey. Insta is also just my art blog in case you want to see some of my art!  

 - I listen to a TONNN of artists, however if I had to narrow it down to my favs it'd be like this!: 

 I LOVEEE Horrrormovies! They've been my #1 artist on spotify for 2 years now! I also enjoy artists like 6arelyhuman, Mr. Kitty, Melaine Martinez, Jazmin Bean, Removeface, Lustsickpuppy, etc ! 

 I have a TONNN of fav characters, but here's a few that I absolutely adore!!: 

 FAV CHARS EVER !!(atm): Yoshie Kun (Fan-genderbent of Yoshie from Death Forest), Aheno.sus (Fan-genderbent of Ahenobarbus Henocid), Jax (TADC), Caine (TADC), Other Mother (Coraline), FORGOTTEN CANDY FROM FNAC 4 <3333, Skipper (Madagascar series), Thatch (Casper's Scare School), Zim (Invader Zim), VENEER!!!!!!!!! <333 (trolls 3) VICTOR VAN DORT <33 !! (Corpse Bride) 

 - I'm multifandom! I'll create a whole other blog for that though since theres a ton to list down 

 I LOVEEE Splatoon!! Splatoon is my fav game ever!! (i cant play it though since my ex friend stole my switch :(( ) I enjoy other games as well! 

Okkk yeah thats about it! If you want to get into contact with me that isnt on Spacehey, my discord is m0thy_v4mp


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