I think i should make a DNI list

Idk if ive said this already but, normaly, I think that DNI lists look kinda selfish when you think about it. That's kinda why i don't make a lot of them in my social media accounts, because i always thought "I don't think that people are going to be that obsessed over me".

But, after taking a look at some of my friends (on this app) i think that the urge to make a DNI list is just starting to become a priority at this point.

I still remember that day when an Adam Lanza stan acc sent me a friend request and I was like "OH HELL NO" and inmediately blocked them after that. (+If you dont know who Adam Lanza is, take a look at the wikipedia article about the Sandy Hook Elementary School. I'm not going to explain this myself not because "ummm it takes yuo ONE search on GOOGLE UMMMMM like inform yourself UMMM" but because i feel that the depth of this case and every single one of its implications wouldn't be fully reflected in my unprofessional and inmature way of talking. All the people that suffered because of him, all the shit that hapened...it's too much, and as i said before, i'm not good at explaining such complex cases. Thats why i recommend to read the wikipedia, because it brings a more honorable and serious perspective on the victims along with their experiences and final moments.)

So yeah maybe i will do a small DNI list for my own mental health. And because i don't want these kind of dickheads to interact with me anymore.

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