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Paper furniture: the bed is complete (part 2 of ?)

I've decided to go with the house plan that favours a larger bathroom. i really didnt want such a small depressing bathroom as i spend alot of time i the bathroom myself.
 today i made some thing so CUTE.

A BED!!!! A TINY BED!!!!

i made it using two mathboxes (we didnt have any empty ones but we had a pack of 6 so i spread the matches between the four remainders, it was a bit tight but nothing too bad), the super glue, the gluestick, paper from the book, and my school handkerchief (my mum will not like it when she finds out i cut it but not too mad i hope)

it took a while because making small pillows is hard (i thought about sewing some handkerchief fabric around it but im pooped right now and i think the box pillows are kind of cute)

I took this picture through the window once i placed it inside
This is where it is

the walls are kind of ugly maybe i'll think of some kind of wallpaper to cover ugliness

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