songs that make me feel like a teen again

these are the songs that truly make me feel nostalgic for my teen years. the songs that i would stay up listening to, the songs that evolved my music taste into what it is todayΒ 

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All the things she said altered my brain. Every time I listen to it I get such a wave of nostalgia and am back to the time I first listened to it on my windows xp computer

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YES! so many memories. many of them gay. it's so sad that they were faking a lesbian relationship but their music still means a lot to me

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I didn't know that! But I can't say I'm surprised :c it's so cool that we got queer representation from them anyways though, their music feels like such a hug sometimes

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Decode and just Paramore in general has a special place in my heart

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you have awesome taste in music

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˗ˏˋ ꒰ა β™‘ ΰ»’κ’± ΛŽΛŠΛ—

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yesss these are SO good <3 the memories ;u; i remember seeing the music video on tv for all the things she said as a kid and then i couldn't remember it well enough to search for it once i was a little older and using the computer and i thought it would be lost to me forever (same when i saw the craft on tv as a kid) ugh all these songs really take me back. i miss those days. :')

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