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Hihi I'm finally doing one of these !! 


DNI - Do not interact (and my reasonings)

☽༓☾ NSFW accounts - I want my account to be a safe space for not only me but also my friends, NSFW will not be tolerated and I will block you.

☽༓☾ If you're under 13 - This is for my own comfort. I am 16. I will not talk to anyone younger than 13, even 13-year-olds are on very thin ice with me.

☽༓☾ Racists, Sexist, Ableist, Discrimination, etc. - This is self-explanatory; I will block you if you are any of them.

☽༓☾ Ped0s/MAPs, if you s3xualise children, make jokes about rxpe. - Self-explanatory. What is wrong with you ?? 

☽༓☾ Misogynistic. - I am friends with a lot of females who can and will do anything better than a man could. 

☽༓☾ Homophobic, Transphobic, Xenophobic, Islamophobic, etc. - Once again, my profile is a space for anyone no matter who they are, what they identify as, or what they believe in.

☽༓☾ Z00philiac, n3cr0philiac, Nazi/anti-Semitic. - Ewwww

☽༓☾ If you talk about s3lf h4rm or su!c!de without proper trigger warnings. - For my peace of mind and others.

☽༓☾ If you support, tolerate, participate, or justify any of the above you will be blocked.


BYI - Before you interact

☽༓☾ I don't use tone tags often but please let me know if I should use them with you and I will ! 

☽༓☾ I block easily when I'm uncomfortable, I am willing to explain sometimes but do not be rude about it ! 

☽༓☾ I am AFAB (Assigned female at birth) but I use masc pronouns (he/him). 

☽༓☾ I get nervous texting first so I would love for you guys to text first ! 

☽༓☾ Using pet names for me (eg. Pup, kitten, darling, etc.) when I do not know you is weird, please don't do that because it will result in me blocking you !!

☽༓☾ I have a few hyper-fixations (Call of Duty, MotoGP, etc) and I talk about them a lot but if it ever gets annoying lmk !!

If you made it this far, tysm for reading and I hope you understand. If you guys have any questions then feel free to ask.

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