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doodle diary #1 - 12/03/2023

hello, everyone!

it's certainly been a while since the last time i created one of these doodle diaries ^^ 

i hope you have all been doing well since the last time i posted :)

i've been through quite a bit since then!

for starters, i started (and have almost finished) my first semester of my new college year! the work's become a lot more taxing, sadly u_u but i suppose that's just what happens. 

i've (sort of) moved out of my parent's place and into a dormitory for the sake of not having to spend so much time and money to travel every day, and the experience has been quite a lot!!

being in such a place with so much going on can be so taxing at times!! but there's also so much going on that you forget all of that stuff! 

you're only a walk away from a super expensive cafe and also a 15-minute ride max from everywhere i thought would be too far to go to, compared to all the other quiet places i used to stay. 

being someplace like this in these circumstances has also done quite a bit for any sort of social fear i've had ^^ it's like i'm able to have more regular conversations with people now, in a sense!! i just get so tired or hungry after classes or just waking up that i can just go to places and actually talk to people without severely overthinking things :DDD

along with college, i've also started driving lessons!

i seem to do pretty well at driving, too :D i hold myself pretty well on all of those "intimidating highways" i was so adamant about not going on.. 

it's just the people on the road that i sometimes get wary about now ^^; there was this one time during lessons where this lady was mad that i was taking too long to park(?), and she kept on trying to confront me through the driver's window.. 

luckily, my instructor managed to tell her off, and i never got to feel her road rage wrath..

thankfully, i still have time to do other stuff other than tirelessly learning new skills! 

i was able to bleach my friend's hair sometime recently, and i spent the whole time just joking about what the bleach looked like and playing the entire sofia the first discography while managing how to equally distribute the product to all of their hair.

we got some really good pizza, watched a couple of episodes of one piece, and then got down to work for like 5 hours!! 

i've still had some spare time to indulge in cooking, too! for this (technically last?) month, i made that wonderful-looking cream soup from arietty! a cousin of mine and i went out and bought a whole lot of groceries just to make it, and it also took me the whole afternoon..

i used this recipe, by the way! although, i did alter it just a little bit by adding a single chicken boullion cube. 

the boullion cube really did do wonders, though! although my cousin and sister didn't really find the vegetable stock-ish taste of the soup, i just added the cube in, and it was like they couldn't get enough of it!! it was the first time that i've seen them act this way toward my food, and i was super proud of myself :D

there have been a whole bunch more things that happened, but i'll leave it for now to prevent your eyes from burning and my drawing muscles from cramping ^^ thank you for reading!!

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