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watching nana

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omg i love nana what ep r u on

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I finished the whole thing already but im rewatching I just love it sm , hbu?

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im like almost done with the manga, i havent watched the anime but i have listened to all the songs, but yeah i love it so much!! i hate when all those filmbros or whatever the manga equivalent for the term is dont consider it as one of the best mangas out there just bc its shojo and not another shonen battle manga yk

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also! my fav character is both of the nanas and i hate takumi with a burning passion

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omgg I got volume's 1-6 of the manga but I usually would read it online. I literally love the songs soso much my fav has to be wish and zero and lucy:D.

And yes omg that's so dumb I don't understand that either. But my fav characters r Shin and Nobu I love them sm and I literally hate Takumi sm he ruined everything 3

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