sonic the human and various other art i made

a Lot of the art ive seen of sonic gijinkas theyve always been drawn in a sort of semi realistic anime ish art style and you know! drawing them like that just doesnt work it doesnt Feel like them theyre too goofy cartoony for an artstyle like t hat. which is why i drew this. plus the obvious hairstyle that sonic should have is a big pony tail that looks like his spikes but so many people give him the same shaggy anime boy haircut sigh when will the majority finally learn the truth

plus other drawings ive made in the past 3 weeks

this was inspired by that sonic channel art ive been wanting to draw super sonic 2 (supposedly his name) for a while now ever since that trailer with him came out ackshually but im a real procrastinator 

surge and amy!!!!! i drew them after the preview of the next idw issue was shown i cant believe theyre gonna make surgamy real. i also drew this to test out ms paints new features like Layers and Transparency

i just wanted to draw sonic using one of tails' tails as a blanket. tails is designing dangerous weapons that could vaporize someone in an instant that look like nerf guns

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