Joey Jabbers #1 - A First Time For Everything

I figured to really get some use out of the blog function here, I'd start posting weekly blog things. I dunno how to describe it, really. It's mostly just me talking about my week and whatever rattles around my brain.

School's been going alright. I've been in an online schooling program since last year (after my mom started to dislike how my old public school worked), and I've found it works pretty well for me. It's been becoming more and more of a hassle to pay attention, but that's nothing new, I've always had a hard time with paying attention. I think a lot of that stems from me becoming impatient for winter break to start. On Pinterest, I saw this advicey-quote that said something to the effect of "Get it out of your way so it doesn't ruin your day", and I find it helps with school junk.

I recently added a music player to my Tumblr blog! It plays some song from Ojamajo Doremi Sharp. I've been getting better with HTML so that gives me high hopes that this blog will hopefully stop looking bland :"D

I've been considering making a Furaffinity page. I've always had a respect for furry artist and those in the furry community and I've wanted to dip my toes into it. However, I fear if I ever shared my interest in furry stuff with my family, they'd give me a hard time for it. There's a lot of things I don't do out of fear of how others perceive me. I know it's not a good habit to have, but I can't really help it. Maybe if I DO make this Furaffinity page, it'll be a good stepping stone in me getting over my internal fear of ridicule.

Didn't mean to get all philosophical, my bad. That's everything, really. Stay awesome, gang! @(^_^)@

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