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Day 30 of dipping nugget in a biscuit into mashed potatoes

nugget biscuit nugget in a biscuit (it’s stuck in my head)


Todays entry will be short and on my phone because I am so tired :,D

[ Sleep Schedule || Previous Night ] -

I slept at 3 AM after my entry last night, but then after work today I just came home and slept the entire rest of the day. And now I’m awake again. And it’s 2 AM. What

[ Socialization ] - 

I only got to socialize with some of my coworkers, and they were incredibly nice to me. My favorite one, the I.T. Management guy whos always been kind to me told me to take frequent breaks. He said “work will never end, might as well take a walk and get some coffee :]]” because I spend a lot of time in the office doing my work.

[ Art/Creative ] -

I didn’t get to doodle anything proper today.

[ School Work ] -

Nothing is due today, I spent the day working and sleeping. Finals next week, so I will continue studying tomorrow uu

[ Hydration ] - 

Meh? I was KINDA hydrated during the times I was awake! My cup was full of water whenever I looked down, so that’s goodz

[ Physical Activity] - 

I didnt. sigh. I yearn for the walk. 

[ Diet ] - 

I didn’t eat anything too unhealthy, but I didn’t each much at all now that I think about it. I skipped dinner, too. But I don’t feel hungry, I think I just REALLY needed to get some sleep so my body 

[ New Information/Something New ] -

I got nothing for ya

{ [ Music ] } -

Listened to more of Mammalian Sighing Reflex, the entire album is really good. I also started listening to O Superman by Laurie Anderson yesterday and it’s beautiful. I cried because it gives me a specific feeling. But also I’m one who easily cries. any mention of anything like ‘mom is here’ or parental stuff and I’m sobbing.immediately over

Also incredible tone shift, Nugget In A Biscuit by Tobuscus is stuck in my head. Dip it in mashed potatoooessss dip the mash potatoes covered chicken nugget biscuit in the barbecue sauce HMM!!! YUM YUM GIMME SOMEE

It’s not even his best work. Have you HEARD The Mini Minotaur Song or Viral Song????? Both absolute bangers. Little ISCARIOT loved his stuff and I still know the lyrics now.

{ [ Thoughts ] } -

My penpals letter hasn’t arrived yet. I checked the mail yesterday and it’s no here but it should be? Should I ask him if he sent it yet, cause if it got lost in the mail that’d be really sad :(((( I’ll check the mail tomorrow as well.

Anyways thank you for reading ^^ I really appreciate it!!! I know I didn’t do much today, but hopefully I’ll Make-up for it tomorrow. Things should cool down a bit after next week, so I’m really hoping things go smoothly till then.


I’ve been waiting to ask, what’s your favorite title from the blogs? :DDD if you have one that is

 I think I like the jamiroquai one. It’s simple and silly and I think abt the ISCARIOT jamiroquai doodle. Futuresss made offf virtual insaanity 

The Tulpa entry one was also interesting :OO I think the title sounds concerning though lolol but I still like it

But the first entry is good too. Till I become Spider-Man. I love Spider-Man I need to get like him, Miles Morales how do I become like you

Also noticed I made a lot of the titles just song lyrics that were stuck in my head that day! Damn I need to get more creative


Goodbye thank you for reading!!!! Good bye now I appreciate you a bunch!!!!!!goodbye buh bye!!!! ^^ o//

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You monster! How could you make me choose? They're all great titles. Off the top of my head I like...

tossing your dirty shoes in my washing machine heart

Making room in my pocket for spare Chang

The one about walking up to random women until you find you mom

The ISCARIOT vs. The world one

Jamiroquai one too!

Those are my picks. Congrats on doing this for a month!

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Gah how could i ever make you choose!!!!! so evil of me!!! im glad you think theyre great, since i was inspired from your blogs to start my own!!!

But didn't really have a goal like your original titles, so i just made random ones. i thought itd be goofy and a little messy looking, but i was happy to see you make minor changes to your titles like punctuation n stuff :D smthn abt it was silly to me!

and now your recent title made me excited too, fire punch reference and my brain activates!! excited to see anything you do in the future :]

for the 'Making room in my pocket for spare Chang' one, i wondered if you got the reference lolol

and thank you!!! hopefully i make it another month, and we both do our best!!!!

by ISCARIOT; ; Report

Right of the bat, I got the Chang one immediately, Chang's little puns always make me laugh.
I still find if kind of baffling that someone was inspired by me but regardless, thank you!

Also, I changed the titles because it's kind of weird to live life for someone else who's not myself but the girlfriend titles were really funny to me and I got really bored of the "for my own sake" titles really quickly. With the recent title, I just had Fire Punch on the brain all day and I was originally gonna write something like "until Agni's flames burn out" which would be kinda niche because I think his flames actually do burn out around the 53 or 54 chapter mark which somewhat matches up with the day.

Anyway, hypothetical cheers to another month!

by Slip_Moth; ; Report


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it's been a full month??? WHEN.

and good question... i think my top 5 is: (in no particular order !!)
-Waving At The Sun Till it Waves Back
-Missing My Wife At a Party Till I Go Home
-Exorcising The Demon in My Basement Till The Prophecy Occurs
-Sword Dueling Opponents Till I Win The Hand of The Rose Bride
-ISCARIOT V.S. The World

honorable mention: being lost at the grocery store as a kid and walking up to random ladies till i find my mother

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:DDD im glad you liked these i was actually so curious about which ones youd enjoy! i forgot about the missing my wife at a party one dkjfhg

also lolol 'honorable mention' made me laugh for some reason pffftt
thanks for always reading these :,3 i appreciate you a lot. feeling sentimental

by ISCARIOT; ; Report

lmao, you get really creative with these :DD i quote the wife one all the time!! it's so real... i miss my wife... i miss her a lot...

aww, thanks for existing at the same time with us o7 congrats on the day 30!!!!

by deniz; ; Report