"Against a Loveless World" Book Review

I've recently started reading "Against a Loveless World" by Susan Abulhawa which is a novel about a palestinian woman living through one of the forced displacements of Palestinians by the Israeli government, and it's been such an inspiring and eye opening read. The characters feel so real, and I am able to deeply empathize with their struggles, including the main character.

It's a very realistic novel that also handles a lot of dark subject matter like rape, racism, misogyny, and other forms of gross oppression. I started reading the book because I wanted to educate myself more on what's going on over there in Palestine, and I've learned a lot of history in my journey of reading about that country and it's people. This isn't the only novel I've read about the situation obviously, but it's the first I decided to get and I don't regret it at all. 

Even though what happens in the book is so gut wrenching I can't look away and I always find myself reading more and more each night. The author is really talented at painting a scene with her words, often times it's like I'm just watching a movie in my head lol. 

I highly recommend the book for anyone else who wants to read it and learn about the Palestinian resistance. It's a very informative book written by a Palestinian author. 


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