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the little ARG or whatever that im making

hi i really dont what this is for but im making a little ARG series or analog horror or something like that and i want to like talk about it cause ive been writing it for a year now and the first video is coming out soon

i dont wanna spoil the plot too much but its about mentally ill teenagers and god

thats all have this ig


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ayyyy this is actually really cool!! good luck with your project

i made a group for game designers, you can join if you want :3

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hello i also like horror media with lore!! i prefer almost entirely the solely written text medium because as weak or pathetic as this might sound, i'm just too sensitive to disturbing visuals. i think it's my mental illnesses lmfao which is why i love watching analysis videos instead of some of the most visceral series (vita carnis, some aspects of fnaf, the smile tapes) instead of the series themselves. so i can get a feel for the plot, i'm there for the plot; i really have almost no limits when it comes to the written word. i love analog/psychological/eldritch horror, and some args too

i couldn't comment this on your main prof 'cause it said i had to friend you to do that, but your friend button is hidden i think :<

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