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how I almost got an std an hour ago

OMG… I was out with Duncan and gwen cuz I wanted 2 get stoned outta my mind (also, I wanted to punch Gwen and blame it on being me stoned af XD)

We were totally gonna share FAT BLUNT together and right as Duncan gave it too me I see something weird looking under his lip and you’ll never guess what it waz… HE HAD HERPEZ ;-; Thank the lawd that I did NOT put my lips on that herpe blunt hehe… 

anyway… now that Gwen probably has herpes Cody will definitely stay away from her. Just praying she gives it 2 Noah now… unfortunately I’m not high on the devils lettuce but I can get high on BL! Even better ;) 

Ps, Maybe I’ll go visit Cody and tell him that Gwen has herpes now x3

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Hii! I heard Gwen wants to read a book and share a little coffee w/ you Noah :3 same cup and everything!

by SIERRA <3; ; Report

Ill pass.

by Nolan/Noah; ; Report

Your loss =~=

by SIERRA <3; ; Report

Why would I share a cup with her if she has herpes

by Nolan/Noah; ; Report

It’s a nice gesture or whateva. #peoplewitherpesarehuman2

by SIERRA <3; ; Report