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Lonely at Hotel OJ...

Hello dear readers, this post will be a little bit sadder...

I've been eliminated for around 2 years now, and Test Tube hasn't come back yet! I miss her so much... I hope she's doing well. I heard she got eliminated, and I was really hoping she'd make it to the final 4... (She totally deserves that)

Hotel OJ just hasn't been the same without her. I can't even continue on Fan's Fantastic Features because I don't have my cameraperson! (Shame... I wanted to continue on it so badly!) But I did also discover the camera was missing...? AND WORST OF ALL! My mug is DESTROYED! It was in pieces when I returned! Who could've done this... well, I guess I should just move on. Things shatter all the time, and then you have to live with that, even if it's hard to adjust to the changes life throws at you. (Learned that too many times)

I really hope Test Tube gets back soon. I feel like Paintbrush is going to throw me out the window any second by now. But I mean, come on- watching the FNaF movie on repeat isn't THAT bad. I'm doing very important analytical work here! If they have a problem with it, that's their loss. (Haha, reference!)

Anyway, the only thing really keeping me preoccupied in his loneliness is rewatching Inanimate Insanity, as usual. But now I have this site to keep me company! Plus, I can message Test Tube on here! :D (Which is amazing, in my opinion, I had no idea I could convince her to use social media!)

Well, that's it for this blog entry. See you next time!

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Paper ^^"

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Oh goodness! Im really sorry you feel that way..

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Thanks, Paper, we should definitely continue your FFF episode when Test Tube gets back! (and when I can get my hands on a new camera...)

by 🌈FAN!; ; Report

Haha yeah...

by Paper ^^"; ; Report

I could give u some money for a camera.. If you want ^__^

by Paper ^^"; ; Report

REALLY?! That would mean the world to me!! Thank you so much, Paper!!!!

by 🌈FAN!; ; Report

Your welcome Fan ^^ I like to help my friends out :)

by Paper ^^"; ; Report


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I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL FAN!!! i was shut out by my friends and forced to live years alone with no one to talk to and all i had was… um— NEVERMIND YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN HEHE… hehe… heh…….. :(

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God that sounds really harsh! Sorry that happened to you. It sounds kind of like the lore for one of my ocs, funny!

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