The breakfast waffle this morning wasn't enough so I'm starving. I miss old school lunches. I remember in my middle school they served us these pizzas that were in the shape of pies and it was genuinely so much more filling than the crap they give us now. Well, I call it crap but I still engulf those dry ass chicken sandwiches like a whale shark ,the big fat fish with the spots. The sauce,cheese ,and pepporonies were stuffed inside and the crust was soooo soft but crunchy in the right places. My stomach is growling so fucking loud. I want panda express so bad. My artificial delicacy. that sounds like a scene band song name or something xD

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I like 2 eat pizza hot pockets for breakfast

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A hot pocket sounds so good rn. Reminds me on how my diet used to be pizza rolls everday!! Then I switched to hot pockets,and then I started eating other stuff slowly. I am a picky eater xD

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