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this song forever changed my brain chemistry - story time!

Was talking to someone about Warped Tour yesterday and it reminded me of this...

◇This song mocks President George Bush Sr's remark that America would win the Gulf War "because we have God on our side"

◇The lyrics are meant to be sarcastic but the sad thing is many Americans really think this way. Especially:

"I feel sorry for the Earth's population,

'Cause so few live in the USA.

At least the foreigners can copy our morality,

They can visit but they cannot stay."

Story Time!

Warped Tour '04. I was 14. I caught the end of Bad Religion's set and before they played this song Greg Graffin said George Bush Jr was "finishing what his daddy started" aka the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan. At the time I had no idea what he meant by that. The country was still in post-9/11 militant patriotism mode and I hadn't heard any other perspective til then. Greg then got the crowd chanting "F*ck Bush!" It blew my mind. I was like "can he really say that out loud?! In front of all these people??!!" XD

That experience had a huge impact on me. That moment, this song, and this band opened my mind to new perspectives and taught me to question everything.

Closing comments cuz I don't wanna start a political debate, just wanted to share the song/story ♡

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