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Last night I finally hit the gym! I made a deal with myself that I would only work legs. Previously I was working legs and arms, but I think working both ended up stressing me out which caused me to not want to go anymore.
I think, though, I did something wrong or not enough, because my legs aren't sore. I know you don't necessarily get sore muscles EVERYTIME, but I felt I worked out hard enough to warrant a little ache.

Other then that, once I got home I became a BITCH!! My boyfriend keeps telling me not to call myself that, but I just got fucking GROUCHY! I just noticed everyone was playing Lethal Company, and knew I couldn't play because I had to study and it PISSED ME OFF! 

Also they were playing with this one person, she's newer to the server, and I remembered the night before as I was logging off of Lethal Company and discord, she was just logging on. And she WHINED,

"Everyone is hopping off and I just got on."

I get it she's younger (I believe she's a teen), but 
A. I work full-time.
B. I barely fucking know you, I'm not risking sleeping-in for you!

It just triggered a deep annoyance in me man.

Anyways, I finally did some studying!! I finished the fourth chapter of my English unit, and although I didn't finish the unit before months end like I wanted, I'm still proud of at least finishing a chapter! Plus, there's only 2-3 more chapters left and then I move onto math. I love math!
Finally feeling good about myself, hoping to get at least a chapter in today, and then maybe I can play a little game! As a treat :^).

Anywho, treat yourself kindly fellas! 


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