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i wanna be friends w boys the way boys r friends w boys

it makes me so upset bc i've tried to be friends w guys but it always ends up poorly

i had this friend that i've known since fifth grade, he's been with me thru so much stuff and has always been there for me and i've done the same for him

we've always been side by side for years 

though he asked me out a couple times, i made sure i told him i just want to be friends and i am not looking for a relationship with him as i value his friendship

but recently i was talking abt this guy i hooked up w in the back of his car (i regretted it) and then he said something like "oh u shld do that w me" and i said lol no silly

then he kinda got really weird abt it and wouldn't stop texting me being like 'ok i get it but if u change ur mind i'm sorry i js got excited to have sex w a pretty girl blah blah blah' 

AND THEN he said 'oh i looked on ur school website u have a tennis game monday where is it i can pick u up in my car' and i just didnt respond bc wtf

then he showed up at my WORK and was like 'can u come in my car on ur break i dont wanna do anything im sorry let me apologize i brought gifts' GIFTS???? WTF 

so yeah i didnt do that and im not friends w him anymore and it makes me upset bc all those years i guess he just wanted to get in my pants so yayyyyy

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