I hope i really am icecream

online quizzes are always so fun (to me anyway) and this one said im an ice cream :)
i think icecream is pretty cool (lol cool. pun unintended but welcome)

I slept through most of the day today at school i dont remember anything (the teachers have a tendency to skip lessons after end of terms anyway so i havent missed anything school work related)

its just i dont like sleeping because i miss the fun stuff people are doing. at night, my sisters stay up together and watch movies. Their schools already closed for the holidays and cant join them or else ill sleep in class (my teacher talked to my mother about it last term so she checks at random intervals to see if im asleep) and at school if i use my free periods to sleep then ill find out something really interesting happened and everyone else decided that they werent close enough with me to wake me up when it happened, (i know its reallly stupid to expect someone to wake me up)

talking about this makes me sad im done.
at least the christmas holidays start next week so i can join my sisters

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